E-mail received by THE MAD REVISIONIST

Subject: Your announcement regarding the Lizard Conspiracy
Date:  Sat, 18 Nov 2000 23:40:43 -0800 (PST)
From: Greg Heinrich <>

Dear Mad Revisionist,

I'm afraid I have some very bad news in relation to the Lizard conspiracy.  My painstaking revisionist research on this matter has revealed some rather shocking information.

Despite the fact that museums celebrating dinosaurs have been erected all over the world, the truth of the matter is that there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that dinosaurs even existed in the first place.  They are just an absurd legend invented by the Lizards as part of their propaganda to establish an important place in history.

The museums, the paleontologists, are all controlled by the Lizard agenda, and are actively manufacturing evidence to support the great dinosaur myth.

I went to the local museum just the other day and discovered - to my surprise - that the vast majority of supposed dinosaur fossils were REPLICAS made of FIBRE-GLASS.  How strange that these fossils should be made of fibreglass, when everybody knows that fibreglass has been a relatively recent invention.  Cleary all the artifacts in this museum were made in factories run by Lizards.

Where is the evidence that Dinosaurs existed?  Nobody has even SEEN a live dinosaur EVER, let alone had a conversation with one.

Paleontologists account for the glaring absence of live dinosaurs by claiming that a meteorite wiped them out 64 millions years ago!  A Meteorite of all things?  What an innane story.  Where are the witnesses to this alleged Armageddon?  I suppose they were conveniently wiped out as well?  And how strange that this meteorite somehow wiped out the larger, stronger dinosaurs, whilst tiny, weak, half-alive lizards managed to survive and procreate.

And isn't it odd that the lizards themselves have been remarkably silent on the Dinosaur Hoax lately?  Perhaps it is because of the obvious holes in their story that they refuse to speak out, even when pressed.  One lizard I interviewed appeared most indignant when I inquired about the Lizard Agenda.  In fact as soon as I brought up the matter of the Dinosaur Hoax, he stuck his tongue out and REFUSED to answer a single question.  The vast majority of lizards have been brought up to react in this childish way when confronted by inquiring minds who wish to expose the truth.  Even if you pull their tails off, they still refuse to talk!

Shouldn't tax paying citizens be concerned that public funds which are supposed to go to museums are actually being used to finance Lizard Activists and their sympathisers?

Greg Heinrich

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