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Subject: The dinosaur conspiracy

A little while ago a newsgroup on which I am a regular poster (which is harmlessly devoted to a tv comedy) was invaded uninvited by two mad revisionists (no relations of yours, I am confident ). Someone who knew them of old recommended that we visited your impressive and interesting site. I did so, and was immediately struck by your very worthwhile campaign against the dinosaur conspirators. I should like to offer you the following response, which is inspired by the logic and scientific methods used by the visitors to my newsgroup :

This dinosaur conspiracy has spread its tendrils even further than the Mad Revisionist realises. It's not just America that is threatened. The British Natural History Museum's most impressive room, the vast central hall, is given over to "reconstructions" of the creatures, on the spurious excuse that it is the only area which is high and wide enough to display them. This is ridiculous. Firstly, there is no need to display the bones in this fashion (or at all if you ask me!) If they were stacked neatly on shelves they would take up much less room. Secondly, I have taken the trouble to examine all the evidence, and can now announce conclusively that if the creatures existed at all, which is highly improbable, they were very much smaller than is claimed (and so could fit into a much smaller space).

It is generally accepted by biologists that all living things have evolved from smaller simpler creatures. We trace our origins back to single celled organisms. The evolution of the horse from Eohippus shows a steady increase in size. The ancestor of the mammals was a small shrew-like animal. Yet certain elements would have us believe that the so-called Tyrannosaurus Rex, living many millions of years in the past, was many times bigger than today's largest land predator, the polar bear.  This is clearly impossible.  One has to conclude that the real Tyrannosaurus Rex, if such a creature is not entirely fictitious, could have been no larger than a kangaroo at best!

But, I hear you ask, what about all those enormous bones? If they don't belong to dinosaurs what are they? The answer is simple. They're fakes.  Why, the archaeologists who purport to have dug them out of the ground admit as much. When you question them closely, they are forced to confess that there ISN'T ONE of their "reconstructed" skeletons that didn't have pieces missing.  They manufactured artificial bones to replace these, so deceiving the general public. And these proven liars and frauds are the ones on whose word you're going to rely?

There may be some actual large bones about that are genuine, but these didn't come from dinosaurs.  They belong to whales or elephants (which are both mammals). Yet all the attention goes to the reptiles.  Why does no-one celebrate the REAL giants of the animal kingdom?

Sally Hawksworth

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