Subject:        the Mad Revisionist
   Date:         Sat, 18 Jan 2003 09:26:54 +1100
   From:        "Kyle Schuant" <>
     To:         <>
    CC:         <>

Why did you reject out of hand the claims of the Mad Revisionist? Do you perhaps have some personal stake in the matter of the Irish Conspiracy? Coming from a Jewish background myself, I can well appreciate such a personal stake. I myself was once thoroughly a part of the Programme.
My Jewish relatives explained to me that it has been quite an effort to co-ordinate the testimony of hundreds of thousands of "Holocaust survivors," and their co-conspirators, the Soviet, British and American armies (who "liberated" the so-called "death camps".) Why, I have many relatives who have informed me, "six million didn't die, they just went out for pizza."
Your exposure of this Conspiracy is an effort which should, I believe, be lauded with a Nobel Peace Prize; for by showing that in fact very few people have ever been deliberately killed by anyone, you will heal the rifts between the races, and subvert the Conspiracy and its nefarious ends.
Nonetheless, I do wonder why you fail to even consider the possibility of the truth of the Irish Potato Famine Fabrication Conspiracy. I have examined this carefully, and I note the same level of historical analysis being used in the articles of your journal, and that of the Mad Revisionist.
I also seek to know the names of those who've been imprisoned in Europe - by your account - for their expression of Revisionist views. I'm a member of Amnesty International, and I believe that such people would definitely qualify as "prisoners of conscience"; I feel sure AI would campaign to free these innocent questioners of Conspiracy.

I remain, sir, your Humble Servant &c,
Kyle Schuant, former Grand Mazeltov in the ZOG

PS. What is "informal peer review," anyway? I often sit at a bar, and with one arm leaning on the bar holding a beer, and the other one waving about energetically, I hold forth on my views. Then my mates tell me I'm a dickhead. Is this "informal peer review"?

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