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"I am hoping... you would consider giving me an opportunity to reach your readership with some of the startling truths that I have uncovered...."

Subject: Re: I can't prove...
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 23:01:50 -0500
From: The Mad Revisionist <>
Organization: Serious Research Inc.
To:  "Theodore J. O'Keefe" <>

"Theodore J. O'Keefe" wrote:

> Sorry, but we have our hands full with the Holocaust. We'd rather pursue
> the truth than any alleged criminals behind the Holocaust imposture--and,
> of course, bring to an end the persecution of Holocaust revisionists as
> criminals.
> While I concede my ignorance of astrophysics, the moon seems real enough to
> me. But only a bigot would gainsay your right to dissent.

I appreciate your support, even coming from a dissenter.  Indeed, astrophysics
is not my field either.  The bulk of the moon research that appears on my
website was completed by our resident Ph.D. in Theology, Dr. Leopold Iv.  The
focus of my research, like yours, is revisionist history.  And I have uncovered
startling evidence that the numbers alleged to have been killed in the event
known as the "Great Hunger" or "Potato Famine" of Ireland in the 1840's have
been grossly exaggerated by historians.  Further, I examine the dire political
consequences of this fraud.  A summary of my conclusions can be found on my
website at .

However, as usual, my research has been suppressed and persecuted by the
mainstream controlled media.  It appears that contrary to the reputation they
seek to cultivate as forums for the discussion of controversial issues,
mainstream educational institutions and academic publications have certain
"sacred cows", such as the 1.5 million number alleged to have been killed in
the Great Famine, which are considered to be above debate.  I am hoping,
therefore, that with your institute's proud reputation of supporting dissident
historians, you would consider giving me an opportunity to reach your
readership with some of the startling truths that I have uncovered.

However, before submitting my article I have a few questions regarding your
journal, its procedures, and the criteria that my submission should meet:

1) Is the Holocaust really the only issue that concerns your publication?  With
all due respect, my research is predicated on the assumption that all human
life is sacred, and therefore the deaths of Jews is no more or less tragic or
worthy of attention than, say, the millions killed by Stalin or Mao, by Allied
bombings of Germany or Japan, or, for that matter, the millions of Irish who
allegedly perished in the Great Hunger.  Would the editors of your journal not
agree that all of these tragedies are equally worthy of the attentions of
revisionist scholarship?

2) By whom, and by what criteria would a submission such as my piece on the
Irish Potato Hoax judged in terms of its appropriateness for inclusion in your

3) Some technical concerns: what is the appropriate length of a standard
submission to your journal?  My research has been quite fruitful, so if my
submission is too long, would you be willing to publish it serially, say, in
two parts?  I will also need to know which style sheet your journal uses as its

4)  Since I would be including your publication in my CV, I will need to know
whether, and by what means and authority, your journal is peer reviewed in
order to ensure academic standards.

5) You have implied that revisionists associated with your institute have been
prosecuted as criminals for their work in the past.  As I am an American
citizen, and yours is an American publication, I would like to request that you
draw my attention to exactly which sections of American federal or state law
you suspect I might run the risk of violating, so that I may review and edit my
own work accordingly.

I thank you for your time, and look forward to your response.  The Truth shall


We do not recruit, we convince
Truth has no need for coercion

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