The Institute for Historical Review (IHR) censors THE MAD REVISIONIST

"... I fear the rockers on your hobby horse have become more than a little loose... "

Subject: Re: I can't prove...
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 15:21:38 -0800
From:"Theodore J. O'Keefe" <>
To: The Mad Revisionist <>

> The Mad Revisionist  A summary of my conclusions can be found on my website
> at

Mr. Mercer (or may I call you Jim)? I fear the rockers on your hobby horse
have become more than a little loose. Now I can understand why you have
recourse to an alias. That no one seems to care about your opinions enough
to print them, to ban them (did you seek permission from Canadian authories
for those portions of your website which might seem to infringe "human
rights" as interpreted up there?), or even to entertain them, other than in
a (necessarily brief) jeu d'esprit is, I'm sure, deflating to you.

Since there's no point in nipping at the heels of the real revisionists,
the sane revisionists, why not set up a website (or fund a journal) to
chastize the backsliders in the Holocaust industry (Wiesenthal Center
included), who have conceded so much of the Holocaust imposture--from human
soap to the Auschwitz four million--over the past twenty years?

Sir, will you stand by and let the Holocaust be haggled down to a
Half-o-caust by a few cranks and paleo-, oligoceno-, ceno-, and neo-Nazis?
        Ted O'Keefe

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