The Institute for Historical Review (IHR) censors THE MAD REVISIONIST

"... where has this sudden hostility come from?... "

Subject: Re: I can't prove...
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 13:56:56 -0500
From: The Mad Revisionist <>
Organization: Serious Research Inc.
To: "Theodore J. O'Keefe" <>

Mr. O'Keefe, where has this sudden hostility come from?  Could it be that your
own Hibernian ancestry reacts rather strongly when faced with the truth that
those who share your ethnic heritage have been engaged in a sinister and
elaborate plot against the interests of America for the past 150 years?  If
not, then tell me where is the flaw in my research and logic?  How does my
methodology differ from that evidenced in your journal, and why is my
conclusion regarding the Potato Famine any less valid than yours regarding the

I was under the impression that your Institite believed in putting the Truth,
ugly though it may be, above any sectarian considerations.  It is
disillusioning to see that even you have been sucked into the morass of
Political Correctness, rejecting a submission solely because you find it too
hard to live with the troubling conclusions it draws.

"Theodore J. O'Keefe" wrote:

> > The Mad Revisionist  A summary of my conclusions can be found on my website
> > at
> Mr. Mercer (or may I call you Jim)?

It appears that you have me confused with the gentleman who has allowed me
web-space on his server.  If you have any complaints about the contents of my
site, you may address them to  However, I happen to know that
Mr. Mercer is a firm believer in free speech on the Internet and is unlikely to
take any action against my right to voice my opinion.

> I fear the rockers on your hobby horse
> have become more than a little loose.

Note the way the academic establishment always resorts to ad-hominem to silence
the revisionist.  Calling him crazy is so much easier that debating the
validity of his points.

But if my theory really was so crazy, you would not fear its being published,
but rather would be happy to provide the opportunity to have its merits debated
in an open forum, where it could be disputed by FACTS and ARGUMENTS, rather
than by censorship.  Instead, you reject my submission sight unseen!  They only
smear the ones they fear.

> Now I can understand why you have
> recourse to an alias. That no one seems to care about your opinions enough
> to print them, to ban them (did you seek permission from Canadian authories
> for those portions of your website which might seem to infringe "human
> rights" as interpreted up there?),

Yes, my server is in Canada.  From what I understand Canadian law includes a
provision forbidding the spreading of hatred against an identifiable group.

Are you suggesting that my theory that the Irish faked the Great Hunger as part
of their overall plan to control and dominate North America represents the
slander against them as an identifiable group?  Oh dear.  That is a troubling
interpretation.  I shall have to consult with my lawyers on that matter.

> or even to entertain them, other than in
> a (necessarily brief) jeu d'esprit is, I'm sure, deflating to you.
> Since there's no point in nipping at the heels of the real revisionists,
> the sane revisionists, why not set up a website (or fund a journal) to
> chastize the backsliders in the Holocaust industry (Wiesenthal Center
> included), who have conceded so much of the Holocaust imposture--from human
> soap to the Auschwitz four million--over the past twenty years?

Indeed.  It is in these small victories that we revisionists can take heart.
Similarly, mainstream scientists have conceded so much of the Moon Myth - from
the cheese theory to the werewolf story to the matter about there being whole
cities and living creatures up there. Yet mainstream so-called "scientists"
insist that we continue to believe their latest dogma, as if these lies should
have no effect on their overall credibility.  But revisionists are slowly
chipping away at the Moon imposture, until soon there will be nothing left.

I'm sorry that your journal, even with its reputation for inviting controversy,
has refused to participate in the intellectual adventure of the 21st century solely
on ideological grounds.

> Sir, will you stand by and let the Holocaust be haggled down to a
> Half-o-caust by a few cranks and paleo-, oligoceno-, ceno-, and neo-Nazis?

Like David Irving, the Holocaust is not my feild.  But with so many similar
hoaxes, conspiracies and impostures in the world waiting to be exposed by the
methodology of revisionist scholarship, why do you maintain such a fixation on
the Jews?

We do not recruit, we convince
Truth has no need for coercion

[NOTE: Jim Mercer is the owner of the server, and is in no way responsible for the content of THE MAD REVISIONIST - TMR]
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