Subject:  Re: Astronomers under the control of the Moon Myth
Date:  Mon, 2 Feb 1998 17:06:05 +0100 (MEZ)
From:  Nele Abels-Ludwig <Abels@Stud-Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE>

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, Richard G. Philllips wrote:

> Would you please name one --JUST ONE-- person having some sort of
> scientific credibility who has challenged the conventional notions of the moon.

Me. I have a BA in history, and often do machine code programming on my old ZX-Spectrum. I even do hardware extensions, e.g. solder joystick adapters. Therefore I qualify as engineer and consequently can be regarded as scientifically credible. I have done a forensic examination of the said matter, namely an empirical study in which I have thrown a given number of objects at the moon, a number large enough to be of statistical relevance.  Here is my data:

The result is obvious. If there would have been something like the alleged "moon" then I would have most certainly hit it at least marginally. But EACH AND EVERY of my throws missed. The conclusion is without doubt that the moon is non-material - either a projection or a collective hallucination. I sincerely look forward to the time when the Mad Revisionist is dragged to court by the thought police. Then I will publish the "Abels-Ludwig Report" which will most certainly rewrite history as we know it. (Perhaps I get Gord McFee to write the foreword?)

> The problem with your "analogy" is that MANY persons have challenged the
> conventional notions of the Holocaust and done so in ways that certainly
> deserve to be taken seriously. No one has done the same regarding the moon.

Here we see yet another conventionalist fall into the trap of thought-conservativism. Why should we believe the moon-hoax just because the moon-huggers have told us to believe for centuries? Why should we believe stories like the one by the famous "moon-scientist" Cyrano de Bergerac who claims to have fallen "down the moon" which is - as we all know -  phyiscally impossible. The number of moon-revisionists is growing every day.

We deserve to be taken at least as seriously as the Holocaust-revisionists!

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                              (Oscar Wilde)

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