Subject: Stop promoting the sun conspiracy!
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 20:22:30 -0600
From: "Ken Garlington" <>
To: <>

In your response to Feedback #1, you state:

"There's no government agency milking billions of dollars from the taxpayers pockets every year because the earth orbits the sun."

Clearly, such an uncritical statement needs to be challenged. Consider, for example, some of the vested interests in the so-called "sun," which we are told is AN ENORMOUS CONTINUOUS NUCLEAR EXPLOSION occurring IN PLAIN SIGHT, generating potentially HARMFUL RADIATION covering large parts of the Earth:

* THE ENERGY CABAL: Because radiation from the "sun" mysteriously ebbs and flows during different "seasons," we get higher fuel prices (which rarely return completely to their former costs!) in both the "winter" and "summer".  Furthermore, we are encouraged to waste valuable energy reserves in non-productive "vacations" during various "seasons," particularly in the
summertime (see next item). NOTE ALSO that the so-called "ozone hole," where pollution supposedly is causing INCREASED LEVELS of solar radiation, only occurred AFTER environmentalists managed to slow the development of ground-based nuclear reactors!

* THE GREEDY ACADEMICS: In a blatant display of putting profits over the nation's health, greedy HMOs continue to treat various solar radiation diseases and injuries, from "sunburn" (actually DAMAGED SKIN DUE TO ENERGETIC NUCLEAR RAYS) to DEHYDRATION to various CANCERS. Rather than demand Government protection from this persistent danger to the Earth's population, however, they meekly recommend various costly products such as "sun block" and "light clothing," which is NOT COVERED BY MEDICARE OR MEDICAID.

* THE SLEEPING ACADEMICS: In order to keep prestigious universities from providing the truth, the Government funds so-called "research studies" on "solar power," etc. Although these studies have promised almost unlimited solar radiation-powered vehicles and homes for over 30 years, there is almost no trace of such devices for the average consumer.

* THE ENTERTAINMENT CHEERLEADERS: Despite the dangers, the "sun" is often portrayed as a benevolent force in our lives. Weather reporters, working under the watchful eye of the National Weather Service (!) consistently show sunny days with smiley faces, whereas any hint of a protective cloud cover is described as "dreary," etc. This indoctrination occurs at an early age: Consider, for example the TELETUBBIES show. Although cleverly planted stories attempted to draw false attention to potential homoerotic aspects of this children's fare, no one has had the courage to ask why the sun is depicted as a smiling, even giggling baby!

And, finally, what ties all these groups (and many others) together? All of them have cozy relationships with the GOVERNMENT!

We do not recruit, we convince
Truth has no need for coercion