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Subject: The Moon
Date: Sat 01/20/2001 7:32 PM

What is the MOON ? Well it consists of four letters. M , O , O , & N. When we place these four letters close together the human mind trained in inferior American Anglo-Saxon often interprets the letters as a word to describe some kind of heavenly celestial body. Of course those people are foolish, I mean they believe in such stupid  novel ideas like rockets and the Titanic.  Idiotic people like those do not affect the essence of the MOON  however. The essence of the MOON can be found in the symbols making up the MOON. We know that these symbols exist because we think that they do. Even if your mind fails to precieve these symbols they appear on your screen when you click the buttons bearing the symbols M, O, O, & N. If the MOON is a symbol that can be broken down into four other symbols then its existence depends on the existence of the symbols M O O N . I suppose that I must think that M, O, O, & N are symbols in order for them to be symbols. I do not believe in my own existence and therefore M, O, O & N are not symbols.  Clearly the so called "organizational structure" that is the MAD REVISIONIST is asking us to prove the existence of symbols that do not exist. It appears that they are tricking us and making us believe in Propaganda. You can't disprove me if you can't prove I exist. I think therefore I am. I must therefore be existence itself, but clearly I am not God. All I know is that in order for me to even exist now I must use the notion of DOUBLETHINK. If I don't think to exist then I don't exist. I cannot prove my existence so I don't know if I exist or not.  Since I don't know I exist I cannot think I exist. Yet I seem to be able to type. Somebody tell me why the heck I am able to type!  Prove to me that I exist, the Order of Chaos is in the balance.
We do not recruit, we convince
Truth has no need for coercion