Subject:         Moon does not exist
   Date:         Mon, 29 Apr 2002 12:28:00 +1000
   From:        Jonathan Lim <>

Hi there, Mad Revisionist!

I really like your Moon-Hoax website: it really made me laugh!!!

I have more points for your website:

1. The Moon is the EXACT SAME apparent diameter as the Sun

   In my opinion this is the single greatest argument in favour of the Moon being artificial. The Moon, of course, is supposedly millions of times smaller than the sun - but because of various alleged coincidences of  distance, trigonometry, apparent sizes, and all that orthodox junk, we are supposed to believe that  the Moon JUST HAPPENS TO LOOK THE SAME SIZE AS  THE SUN FROM HERE!
   Think about it! During solar eclipses (which I personally believe to be some sort of mass-hypnosis), the moon EXACTLY covers the diameter of the sun! HOW BIG A COINCIDENCE IS THAT?
   No of course it's not a coincidence. THE MOON IS FAKE!!! The conspirators who try to keep US POOR SODS in the dark ACCIDENTALLY made the  fake moon the same apparent size as the sun. Why? Because they slipped up!  THE MOON IS A FAKE HOLOGRAM PEOPLE!!!
   In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the moon "CHANGES SIZE" after this SHOCKING information is learned of by the evil establishment! WATCH THE SKIES!!!

2. The Moon is supposedly made from the SAME MATERIAL as the Earth, and is the SAME DISTANCE from the sun, yet it's totally dead!

Think about it! Mars is so much farther from the "life-giving" sun, and is much smaller than the Earth, yet it HAS AN ATMOSPHERE and WATER ICE!
   Now, assuming we aren't being lied to about the alleged "planet" Mars, (more on that later), then WHY DOESN"T THE MOON HAVE WATER AND AIR? The Moon is supposedly made from the SAME SOURCE as the Earth, and is the SAME DISTANCE from the sun!
   I'll tell you why! THEY STUFFED UP AGAIN! So eager were they to make a moon that conformed to CORNY 1940s IDEAS ABOUT OTHER PLANETS, that they totally failed to realise the Moon should be GREEN AND FERTILE!
   Why, it's a wonder anyone on this planet still believes in the Moon, isn't it?

Coming soon: my EXPOSEE on the NONEXISTENCE OF PLANET EARTH!! That's right, WE DON"T EXIST! Another shocking fake designed by multinational corporations to sell the idea of a "global" marketplace. "Global"!!! HAH!!! WE'RE LIVING IN A HALLUCINATION PEOPLE!!! Thank you.

Jonathan Lim

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