Subject: The Moon does exist!
Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 17:08:54 EDT
From: NatPhoto <>

The Moon has to exist.  It was worshipped by the ancients, long before there was the technology to create such a hoax.


And just which ancients were those, dare I ask?  Do you know that there is no mention of the moon in the English language prior to the year 1066?  That is a little known fact that Lunarists often fail to mention.

In absence of such evidence, Lunarists have tried to present us with mentions of the moon in the myths and literatures of other cultures.  However, revisionist examination of these documents have shown most of them to be fraudulent.

Take, for example, the Scandinavian legend of Hjuki and Bil, two children who were allegedly stolen by the moon (!) and carried up to heaven while drawing water from a well.  To this day, Swedish peasants say that the dark regions of the moon are a boy and girl carrying a bucket of water between them.

Does this sound like the same moon story that scientists assert today?  Hardly. Yet this lie is perpetuated to this day, as the Lunar conspiracy has managed to infiltrate even the supposedly innocuous rhymes that we share with our children!  Who has never heard the poem:

Hjuki of the Scandinavian myth has become Jack, and Bil has become Jill.  The fall of Jack, followed by the fall of Jill, is related to the disappearance of the lunar formations as the moon moves from full to last quarter and to crescent.  And the carrying of water, and its spilling, is related to the belief (long since discredited by revisionists) that there was a connection between the moon and rainfall.

Some groups of American Indians worshipped the sun and moon as their main gods, believing that they were a quarreling brother and sister.  According to the story, during an argument the sister took a smoldering stick from the fire and ascended through the smoke hole of the teepee.  The brother was angered that she escaped so easily, and grasped a larger, burning stick to pursue her.  Even today, the girl moves across the sky as the moon, and the brother comes later, still pursuing her, as the sun.  Occasionally he catches her, and there follows a great combat which results in an eclipse.

Again, this sounds nothing like the moon that the establishment propagandists of today's controlled academic institutions assert.  We are expected to simply accept on faith that the story is referring to a celestial body of the same dimensions and specifications as the massive inanimate object which they claim orbits the earth without falling down.  It is absurd to the point of being laughable.

In absence of any clear mention of the moon in the history of the world, it is safe to conclude that its alleged existence is nothing more than a propaganda fraud.  I am, however, open-minded, and willing to consider evidence that I may have missed.  If you know of a genuine mention of the moon, please forward it to me at  But it must meet the following conditions:

  1. the document must be original, as it should be clear from the above that Lunarists have engaged to so much forgery and misrepresentation up until now I have every reason not to trust the authenticity of facsimiles.
  2. if the document requires translation, I must be shown clear evidence that the translator was not under any sort of institutional pressure.
  3. it must be clear that the document is referring specifically to a 74,000,000,000,000,000,000 ton object 2160 miles in diameter that orbits the earth at an average distance of 240,000 miles.  I will not accept a reference to a word in a language I cannot understand, with a commentary along-side that goes, "See!  It's the Moon, stupid!"
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