Ut6313 wrote:

> Mad Revisionist,
>   If the moon doesn't exist, then what do we look at every night?  How do we
> look at it through our own telescopes?  Why did the Apollo missions take
> place, which can be proven at Cape Canavral?  I can beleive this for things
> like the outer planets and objects that average Joe can't see, but what about
> the moon?  Everyone sees it every night, it has an amazing effect on the tide
> as well.  Along the lines of:  It is the tide.  The tides of the oceans are
> created by the gravatational pull of the moon.  The moon can't even be a
> decoy, because there is a fact in physics that is along the lines of anything
> in space generates gravatational pull.  The moon has to be large enough to
> pull oceans around the world.

The tide myth is one of the oldest and most absurd lies that the Lunar establishment has tried to push on a gullible world.  Do they really expect us to believe that the moon - an object that allegedly resides at an average distance of 240,000 miles from the earth - has the power, from that distance, to lift how many billions of cubic meters of water?

Do an experiment: take a rubber ball and suspend it above a bathtub full of water.  Now slowly move the ball closer to the water.  Does the level of the water change?  Not even slightly.  So much for the tides myth.

The clouds are considerably closer to the moon, and much lighter than the oceans.  One would imagine that if the moon had the power to raise the oceans, this same force would cause the clouds to go flying into space, yet this does not happen.  This proves that the tides story is physically impossible.

Real scientists are busy researching the TRUE causes of the tides.  But until their findings are made public, we can take this as merely another pseudo-scientific moon myth, shattered by the scholarship of revisionists.

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