No photographs were ever taken of the moon until the 1850’s.  Photographs such as this one, taken in 1852 by John Adams Whipple at the Harvard College Observatory, have been cited by Lunarists as proof of the existence of the moon.  But considering the poor quality of the picture, this object could be anything, from an unusually round rock on a dark surface to someone’s bald head.  We still require the help of self-appointed "experts" to tell us just what we’re looking at.

    There were no pictures of the alleged "far side of the moon" until revisionist research pressured the Lunar conspiracy to fabricate one in 1959. This picture was allegedly taken by the Soviet satellite Lunik III.  Note that these are the same Soviets who massacred 4,000 Polish officers in the Katyn forest in 1940, then tried to blame the atrocity on the Germans at Nuremberg.  Surely if the moon story had any truth to it whatsoever, the conspirators could have found a more credible source.
    To the left is another alleged photograph of the moon, this one taken directly from the website of NASA. Note the distinct similarities between this photo and the admittedly computer generated image below. 

    "Women under the influence of the moon": A seventeenth century French drawing.  The Establishment once told us that the phases of the moon could affect the minds of human beings, especially of women.  This is yet another Moon Myth from which the Astronomically Correct establishment has had to quietly back away.  Every time one of these lies is exposed by revisionists, the body of evidence upon which the Lunar orthodoxy rests becomes weaker.


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