What about that "moon landing" that took place in 1969, and all of the subsequent "moon landings", as well as pictures taken by satellites and telescopes? Considering the poor quality of the pictures and films that the public was allowed to see of these events, how do we really know that they were pictures and films of the moon, taken on the moon? They might very well have been filmed in a Hollywood studio (everyone knows that Hollywood is the mouthpiece of the controlled government). All of these spectacles were orchestrated by an organization called NASA,the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. A more criminal outfit has not been seen since the disbanding of the KGB.

Keep in mind that 1969 was the height of the Cold War. It was due to this fact that the United States government was co-opted into the hoax by the New World Order. The Americans cleverly devised a plan to use moon propaganda to fool the Soviets into wasting valuable resources in a competitive "space race", while they spent relatively little on fabricating their own achievements in this competition. It is well known that massive spending on the space program was one of the major factors behind the fall of the Iron Curtain. However, once the government of the United States had sold its soul to the moon conspiracy, they could hardly back out, even once their aims were achieved. Just think of the scandal that would result from the public discovering that their tax dollars had been so abused! As a result, the government of our country is now a full partner in the lunar hoax.

But donít the astronauts who claim to have walked on the moon count as eyewitnesses? And just how much money did each of these men receive, on record, for their services? And this doesnít count the unaccounted millions that have probably bought their continued silence since. Of course they would say whatever their controlled government and the criminal NASA organization wanted them to say. The fact remains that not a single individual who claims to have walked on the moon was not paid handsomely for this testimony, and this fact alone should be cause for suspicion. Never mind the additional fact that every one these men, hand picked by the government, had families Ė parents, wives and children, all of whom could easily meet with unexplained "accidents" should their sons/husbands/fathers suddenly find their conscience and decide to tell the truth.

And what about the "moon rocks" that these astronauts brought back with them? Iím sure their backyard gardens are just that much poorer. It will take more than a few phony space artifacts to prove the existence of a 74,000,000,000,000,000,000 ton object orbiting the earth. Such objects have become the idols of a new state religion. They are placed in modern-day churches known as "science museums" where the gullible public can gawk at and worship them. Yet where are the forensic examinations proving that these so-called "moon rocks" really came from the so-called moon? In all of my research, I have never seen such a document. We are expected to merely take this on faith, assuming that NASA would never lie to us, even with billions of dollars at stake. And why is access to these artifacts restricted only to personnel approved by this criminal NASA organization? Why havenít revisionists been permitted to examine these artifacts for themselves? Because if NASA permitted unbiased researchers access to these objects, the fraud would be exposed immediately.

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