But what motive could someone have for falsifying the moon? Need you even ask? The oldest motive in the world. Since the end of World War II, how many billions of dollars have been poured into fraudulent so-called "space exploration". And how much of that funding was justified to a gullible public by the false excitement and later euphoria generated by establishment propagandists over the fake "moon landing"? And, as we now know that these "moon landings" were staged in a studio – using cheap sets and shoddy camera equipment no less – just where have these billions gone over the years?

And the hoax does not end there. It is ongoing, and continues to milk billions of dollars from our pockets every day. And the moon story will serve as a justification for future pointless space expeditions as well. To this day, it is billed by the criminal NASA organization as their finest hour, and used to give them an aura of glory making them liable to far less critical examination than is subjected to other branches of government. The false belief that there is a large rock orbiting the earth made the absurd hoax that there are other planets in space awaiting humankind’s discovery all the more plausible. A few cheap science fiction books, movies and TV shows brought to us by the controlled media were all that it took to brainwash the population into permitting billions upon billions of their tax dollars to go towards further futile space exploration. And these billions, earmarked for the fraudulent "space program", need not be accounted for. They can be used for whatever nefarious purposes the government, the CIA, the Rosicrucians and the Illuminati wish in their efforts to build a New World Order.

Okay, but I still find this all hard to believe. What evidence do you have that there is no moon? You should be asking what evidence we have that there IS one. Since everyone knows that it is impossible to prove a negative, the mere fact that we have demonstrated that the moon story has NO reliable eyewitnesses, NO documents, and, above all, NO physical evidence whatsoever, should be enough to discredit this clever hoax. Nevertheless, there are some very conclusive proofs that demonstrate that the moon does not and could not exist.