Dear Mad Revisionist,

Someone forwarded me the letter you received from your roving researcher and It pains me to confirm that everything he says about the Sydney Olympic Games hoax is absolutely true (or do I mean TRUE?).  It pains me because I am not only an Australian, born and bred, but also a long-time resident of Sydney, where this Olympic Games allegedly occurred.

I was in Sydney for the entire period when this "games" was supposed to have been held and I saw no evidence whatever to suggest that it was other than a public relations hoax perpetrated by the so-called news media. Certainly I personally saw no one who swam 100 metres, ran a marathon, threw a basketball, lifted a weight, wrestled a Graeco-Roman, dressaged a horse, shot a skeet, vaulted a pole, or did anything else that was claimed by the "media" to have happened.  It is inconceivable that all of this could have been going on without my having seen some of it.

Of course all the media are owned by Australians, even though some of them, eg Murdoch , pretend to be Americans (and no one really believes that accent of his is genuinely American), but we know better.

Anyone who saw the alleged "Opening Ceremony" should have seen through the hoax immediately.  Part of it consisted of a young girl "flying" above the arena.  Everyone knows that young girls can't fly.  It was clearly a special effects trick.

But this is not the only part of the hoax. During the past year or so, the local media have claimed that Australia had won the Cricket World Cup, the Rugby World Cup and several other sporting world championships.  It is beyond belief that one small country could have won so much.  It is just not possible.

However all this was predicted by some wise people over a century ago.  I have a copy of a book known as "The Secret Protocols of the Elders of Oz" .

Sorry, I must sign off.  They are knocking at my do...

Barry Williams
Executive Officer
Australian Skeptics Inc

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